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Hello and welcome to my blog, kind of. See my blog is rather private and all of my posts are friends only or higher security. I am happy to add new people to my friends list, but I am prioritizing on people I know outside of the net. If you want me to add you, send me an email or reply to my one public post and tell me who you are. I like adding people I know.

During the week I read LJ on a daily basis. I read all of my friends’ posts as well as many of the comments. On the weekends I get busy and may not get to LJ until Monday. When that happens I will go back and read all the posts from individuals on my friends list. I have not been reading all the posts from the communities I watch (specifically the WW communities as those have high traffic).

I enjoy reading posts more than writing. I think of LJ as a huge group house and all my friends are my roommates. I get to hear about their lives but I don’t have to deal with bills and dishes and such.

As I said, I enjoy reading more than writing. I don’t consider myself a writer. Writing is very difficult for me. I am just recently becoming more comfortable with my writing but it wasn’t that long ago that it would take me a full day to write a simple paragraph. So don’t expect any Pulitzer Prize winning posts. I mostly write what I did, who I saw, and what I am feeling.

I do hope the people I friend enjoy my blog, as I AM enjoying my friends’ blogs.
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